Player's Statistic

In-game Name:iKinG
Previous Name:-
Age & Nationality: 15,pakistani

DM Related

K/D Ratio:
Rate your Deathmatch skill:7
Rate your C-Bug skill from:8
Rate your Litefoot skill from:4
What's your favourite weapon: Deagle,shotgun
Would you like to join the clan war team?yes

Player History

Have you been banned before? If yes what was the reason (link the unban appeal):no
Have you been in any clans before? If yes which and why did you leave them:no

Additional information

Will you add the [SS] tag to your name?No
Why do you want to join Silent Squad? Because i want too help SS
Will you follow all Silent Squad rules?yes
Did anyone from Silent Squad invite you?Anhiliton
Tell the positive and negative things about yourself:im good boy